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April 24, 2018 StartupGuy0

Johannesburg, 12 April, a global platform for the international consulting industry, has made a foray into the South African market. The launch of expands the startup’s online footprint to cover Africa’s most important market for consulting services.

With an estimated size of around $1.3 billion, South Africa is Africa’s largest management consulting market by revenue, accounting for over half of the continent’s overall industry. South Africa’s advisory market has seen growth in recent years, advancing the maturity of the industry in both services and operations, with the majority of the globe’s top 50 consulting firms being active in the country today.

“South Africa is one of the more mature consulting industries in the world, and one that is set to gain importance as Africa grows its population and prosperity in the coming decades,” says Larry Zeenny, co-founder of “With the launch of a dedicated platform for the South African market, we aim at becoming the market’s preferred online portal for reference, serving the interests of consultants – both external and internal advisors – job seekers and students, as well as clients of consulting firms.”

Besides providing visitors with the latest news of the industry, will facilitate the matching process for candidates seeking jobs at the top of the industry by providing an overview of consultancy jobs in South Africa. Further, a research team with a track record at strategy consulting firms and the Big Four will conduct proprietary research on the market, as well as work with consultancies on analysis and thought leadership.

Launched in 2017, works with over 150 leading consulting firms globally, with a number of high-profile names committing their support to the South African platform as founding partners. “We are proud to partner with many of the top names in the industry, and look forward to representing their interests in South Africa,” says Zeenny. Among the companies that are part of’s roster of clients are Accenture, Bain & Company, Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte, EY, FTI Consulting, KPMG, McKinsey & Company and PwC.

The launch in South Africa builds on successful consulting platforms in Europe and follows shortly after launched across four regions: Asia, the Middle East, India and Latin America. Next month, the global startup will launch in the US and Canada, among others. “Partnering with the industry’s leaders, our mission is to become the globe’s premier network of platforms for the consultancy profession. Adding South Africa to our footprint is an important next step in realising that ambition,” says Zeenny.

About is an online platform for South Africa’s advisory and consulting industry. The website presents the latest news and trends in the sector, follows the developments and publications of consulting firms across industries and functional areas and provides an overview of career opportunities for professionals interested in working in consultancy. is a part of, a global network of consulting platforms with a presence on six continents.

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January 27, 2018 StartupGuy0

Johannesburg South Africa, 26 January 2018 – In an industry first, Schneider Electric has introduced the first cloud-enabled uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for distributed IT environments, which offers SMEs the ability to stay connected to the technology and information that powers their business and proactively and effectively manage the health of their UPS systems.

UPS battery failure on any piece of equipment is undesirable, but on the most business-critical technology it could mean catastrophic business delays and profit loss. To compound the criticality, today’s IoT-enabled world means these devices are usually supporting onsite and remote edge environments that must function at the same level of availability and security as the largest and most mission critical data centres.

Smart-UPS with APC SmartConnect is aimed at small and medium sized businesses that have limited IT staff and resources and will prove vulnerable during power outages, load shedding spikes or distribution problems, so commonly experienced in South Africa. These crises are expected to worsen, as the aging electrical distribution infrastructure needs replacement in many provinces.

Portfolio of solutions
Available as a standard feature with select models in APC’s industry-leading Smart-UPS portfolio of solutions, SmartConnect delivers the power reliability, security and certainty that SMBs need.

SmartConnect leverages the Schneider Electric cloud-enabled EcoStruxure IT architecture to:

Gather and send data about the health and status of a customer’s UPS devices including battery replacement, warranty renewal and UPS performance notifications.
Provide a secure, cloud-based web portal where customers can view the status of their UPS, accessible from any internet-connected device.

Send customisable automatic notifications, firmware notification updates and advanced troubleshooting support, through an easy-to-use remote monitoring interface.

Deploy right out of the box – no configuration required – making it easy for even non-technical users to install.

Empowering service providers
SmartConnect cloud-powered technology also enables managed service providers (MSPs) to expand their offerings to deliver remote UPS monitoring for SME clients. This provides MSPs with a greater opportunity to serve their customers better through value-added power infrastructure services, while generating new revenue streams, all with minimal effort and no additional cost.

MSPs can easily integrate SmartConnect with leading remote monitoring and management solutions such as ConnectWise Automate and Kaseya, or via a mobile ready web portal, so they can manage customer portfolios from a single platform. No coding, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) traps, or software agents are required, meaning MSPs can quickly deploy their services and begin generating revenue.


December 15, 2017 StartupGuy0

Creating a new generation of entrepreneurs

Credible empowerment must be focused on sustainable growth and job creation—and must be accountable for its results.

By Sinethemba Mafanya, Manager – Diageo Empowerment Trust SA

Black empowerment has not worked as well as it should. With the perfect vision of hindsight, it is clear that too many empowerment schemes have yielded less than had been hoped, and that the main beneficiaries have been a relatively small group of well-connected individuals, who have become very rich indeed, and those who have gained jobs in existing companies or in an enormously expanded public service.

What we have not really succeeded in doing is create a substantial number of black-owned, entrepreneurial businesses that have the potential, in time, to rival Anglo American, Discovery and the rest of the JSE giants.

This failure to identify and nurture a new generation of black businesses with the potential to scale has also had a severely negative impact on what is probably our biggest current challenge: unemployment. While social and other forms of media talk up politics and race, the hard research done by the Institute of Race Relations shows that what South Africans are all most worried about is employment.[1] And that’s surely correct: no country in which over a quarter of the population, and the majority of its youth, are unemployed can hope to be stable, pleasant to live in and successful in any terms.

Sustained, vigorous economic growth—new businesses entering the economy—is what we need to reverse our perilous status quo. And, with black people by far the majority and most affected, a tidal wave of new black businesses is what we need.

I would argue that this kind of thinking has to underpin empowerment initiatives, existing and planned. They must be designed or repurposed to kick start growth by identifying and nurturing

black businesses that have the potential to scale, to compete vigorously with incumbents globally, and to create wealth not only for their owners but also for the growing numbers of people they employ. Empowerment initiatives should also be designed to link these businesses into existing ecosystems or supply chains, thus enhancing their sustainability.

All very well to say, you might be thinking, but can it be done?

Rethinking empowerment for everyone

I believe it can. There are already several such empowerment schemes in place, and we at Diageo SA have recently launched our own, the Diageo Empowerment Trust SA (DETSA). It may be helpful to outline our thinking.

Our funding is basically directed in two broad areas. The first is to identify and nurture black-owned businesses that can be integrated into Diageo’s own supply chain. Such an approach means that we can provide these businesses with the best thing of all: a market into which they can expand. Diageo is the largest global producer of premium drinks, so it’s a market worth having. With the R15 million that the Trust has already invested in this initiative, it is targeting to generate R250m in revenue in five-years.

But because these businesses are operating in our supply chain, we obviously have considerable knowledge we can share with them in addition to the funding we supply. We obviously also have a vested interest in ensuring that, as our suppliers, they succeed and grow.

We are already working with sorghum farmers in the Eastern Cape to enable them to supply Diageo here and elsewhere. A second phase will be to identify businesses owned by black women that can be integrated across our supply chain, from providing agricultural inputs to packaging and bottling right through to marketing. To this end the Trust has set itself a target of 300 jobs it intends creating in the agricultural sector over five years.

Our partners are WDB, an empowerment consultancy, who will identify candidates, and Aurik Business Accelerator, who will recruit black-owned companies that can provide services to them, thus creating an all-black ecosystem round each company we directly support.

The second broad area of funding is social entrepreneurs. Because these businesses are primarily focused on solving social problems, rather than profit, they are uniquely well-positioned to make the maximum impact on society. We believe money invested in these companies will give us the optimal return on our empowerment investment. To date, the Trust has made headway by investing R10 million in the development of Social Entrepreneurs over the next two years, and a further R40 million will be injected over the next five years.

Accountability is the final piece of the puzzle. We have put in place a research team that will collect metrics to help us establish what effect we have had commercially and economically, as well as socially. The former would include the usual financial measures relating to the company and its contribution to the national economy, the latter its contribution to job creation.

We hope this will be empowerment that genuinely empowers, and we are willing to be measured on our success

October 19, 2017 StartupGuy0

Together with  StartupApp, Startup Magazine has got some exciting new plans to provide startups with an affordable publicity and PR programme.

We know that it’s not always that easy to take an idea and turn it into something real – that, after all is why we (Startup Mzansi) created StartupApp – South Africa’s one-stop Shop for Startups in the first place.

 Since that initial creation, we’ve been growing StartupApp into a fab community of creatives, startups, self starters – all sorts of people doing their own thing.
 It’s a place filled with all the info, support and inspiration to help make starting, sustaining or growing a business as easy as possible.

Over the last couple of months StartupApp members having been sharing their startup news, telling their startup tales and submitting their startups, ideas and projects into our rather fab showcase and collaboration space.
Right now, if you’re a StartupApp member, you can:

  • Register for a free account and tell the StartupApp community and beyond what you’re up to
  • Be considered for our acclaimed monthly and yearly Self Starter Awards
  • Submit your startup / idea / project to our collaboration area and get support from fellow self starters, mentors and investors
  • Access a huge range of startup / business relevant discounts and deals
  • Access to expert PR consultations

As we grow we want to make sure that those StartupApp members who need an extra push or publicity can do that as quickly as possible and at a cost effective price.

 Getting good publicity and PR for your project / startup can be a costly affair, especially if you go direct to a Marketing / PR agency, whose typical clients are established businesses, with much deeper pockets.

 To level the playing field a tad we have devised a number of cost-effective publicity services for startups to make it both easier and more importantly, affordable to tell the world about your startup

Here’s a few of the things you can do:

  • Allow us to host a giveaway or competition on behalf of your startup that will give you a great opportunity to showcase your products or services
  • Have an in-depth feature on StartupApp and Startup Magazine where we interview you about your startup, its story and your business offerings or services
  • Add one of your own articles to the site on an area of your expertise, thereby giving you some valuable PR
  • Advertise your product or service in one of our 200×200 sidebar advertising spaces
  • Use our growing social media audience to promote your business directly over a 4 week period

So who is this for? 
Admittedly some StartupApp members may have outgrown this level of publicity – they may already be heavily trading and ‘bringing in the bacon so to speak’, so this is aimed at those startups who don’t have a massive budget and are perhaps still in the early stages of their startup journey. Of course all startups are considered on their own merit!

If you’re interested in using this service, simply email our PR guru Bassie: and she’ll be happy to chat about which options best suit, and any other creative ideas that can be developed.

And fear not, if you’re a more established business / brand, check out our ‘Work with Us’ page for more info on how to do just that.

April 11, 2017 StartupGuy0

My name is Sibongile Mongadi from Mapetla (Soweto). I come from a hard and challenging background. I was raised by both my self-employed mom who sold sweets & snacks and my late dad who was transporting kids to school.

Growing up, I faced a lot of challenges, having to allow myself to be a woman that i am supposed to be, allowing myself to become a girl that i were suppose to be, i had that part of my life stolen from me, my dignity, my pride and my voice through low self-esteem.
In applying deep introspection i than decided to rise above those challenges,find a ways to release myself and heal from this pain,therefore i came up with a platform to have a voice in society.

The seminar is going to be in Soweto(Diepkloof)on the 1st May 2017 where we are saying to women lets come out and lets share our stories of success even though there are challenges that we been through even though parts of our lives have been robbed away from us,but lets reclaim our own power from those who have vitimized us,abused us…

I firmly believe we become more confident when we work together,when we lift each other up and when we are not afraid to use our voices for the common good.

In a nutshell,the Young Women Seminar is created to give all the opportunity to discuss issues concerning them in all aspects of their lives and grab every opportunity available to them.

It’s an auguration monthly Young Women Empowerment events,seminars and dialogues will be hosted by established business and government speakers,life coaches,entrepreneurs,innovators and celebrities to inspire and motivate Young Women to be the change they need in all our communities.

Each driven and inspired leader has a story to share and these events are a platform to bring hope and grow a vision of Young Empowered Women who will also have their stories to tell. A passing baton seminar and purpose driven.

Speakers of the day will include:

1)Dikeledi Nokwane
2)Asanda Solijani
3) Bonolo Matoboge
4)Faith Sibeko
5)Morwesi Theledi
6)Ayanda-Allie Paine
7)Portia Keletliwe
8)Mpho Faith Mofokeng
9)Siphiwe Sithole
10)Thami Ngubeni

March 27, 2017 StartupGuy0

Celebrating the builders of the entrepreneurship ecosystem

KEMPTON PARK – March 27, 2017 – Startup Mzansi ( will recognize the movers and shakers of South Africa’s entrepreneurship movement with a new awards program. The Startup Mzansi Awards will distinguish the individuals, communities, organizations and institutions in South Africa that have demonstrated innovation, excellence, impact and outstanding achievement in advancing South African entrepreneurship.

“Starting a company is a difficult task; entrepreneurs need a variety of elements to be successful including mentorship, encouragement, talented people, funding and a network of contacts,” said Sandile Shabangu, CEO of Startup Mzansi. “It is important to recognize and celebrate those working to advance entrepreneurship in South Africa; increase awareness of the importance of strengthening South Africa’s entrepreneurship ecosystem and culture; and, elevate the ambitions of the South African entrepreneurial community.”

Nominations and applications for the following awards will be accepted until August 12 at 5.00pm SAST:

– Entrepreneurial Effect Award
– Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Builder of the Year
– Startup Community Award
– Entrepreneur Mentor of the Year
– Most Entrepreneurial University
– Investor of the Year
– Anchor Company of the Year
– Entrepreneurship Educator of the Year
– Incubator of the Year
– Media Person of the Year
– Accelerator of the Year
– Youngest Entrepreneur Award
– Government Organization of the Year
– Lifetime Achievement Award
– Non-Profit Support Organization of the Year
– Startup of the Year

The awards will be presented on November 23 at Emperors Palace in Kempton Park. The event will feature an awards ceremony, red carpet reception and a VIP lounge.

Entrepreneurs and Enterprising South Africans are invited to submit nominations and applications until August 12. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to be part of the adjudication process by making comments and sharing their opinions on These comments will be taken into consideration by an adjudication panel of well-known South Africa entrepreneurs who will determine the award recipients.

Please visit for award descriptions and to submit your nomination or application today! Contact for interviews and inquiries. For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Sandile Shabangu at

About Startup Mzansi
Startup Mzansi, as the voice of entrepreneurs, leads South Africa’s grassroots effort to build a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem that will fuel economic prosperity from city to city.

Since 2012, Startup Mzansi has started 9 Startup Communities, built a network of more than 10,000 South Africans worked with 100 partner organizations and 50 volunteers. To find out more, visit

February 7, 2017 StartupGuy0

The Cape Town Office (CTO) * in collaboration with Megara Events is proud to be hosting the first of many FUN in Cape Town, on Thursday, the 9th February 2017, at the CTO Club House, 46A Canterbury St, Zonnebloem, from 6 to 9 pm.

FUN is new to the Mother City and it will be held on the second Thursday of every month. This friendly get-together stems from the desire to share the business failures that local entrepreneurs overcame and that allowed them to achieve the hard-sought success that eventually followed. “It is so refreshing to hear about the failures of other entrepreneurs and learning from that. Especially in a city dotted by startups, FUN has the potential to initiate a tremendous learning curve among business people” says Lizelle van Ryn, founder and Director of CTO.

Started in Mexico in 2012, FUN is a global event in cities like New York, London, Tel Aviv and Barcelona that follows a standard format. Each evening features three to four speakers, who address the audience for approximately 7 minutes, using 10 images to support the discussion. Engagement is key; after each speaker, questions are opened to the floor, followed by a final networking session and drinks.

The first Cape Town event features three of most influential entrepreneurs on the local scene.

Fred Roed is the CEO of Heavy Chef Pty Ltd, an organisation that celebrates “People that Do’ – or ‘people that eat their own food’. Heavy Chef is the most popular monthly leadership and tech event in South Africa, with Twitter, WWC, Backsberg, CBC and Primedia as partners. Fred is the co-founder and former CEO of digital marketing agency World Wide Creative, with clients such as Hyundai, City of Cape Town, and Rand Merchant Bank. A recognised public speaker and consultant, Fred held the position of Head of Agencies at the IAB SA (Interactive Advertising Bureau SA) between 2014 and 2017 and was awarded “Best Individual Contribution to the South African Digital Industry” in the 2015 Bookmark Awards. Fast Company Magazine named Fred as one of The Top 100 Creative People In Business 2015.

Elodie Burls is the co-founder and Managing Director of explainer video company, Blink Tower. Let Elodie take you through her failed business ventures, which led her to the founding of her success Blink Tower, where she combines her experience in media, education and her love for helping people understand “stuff” better.

Last but not least, Khanyi Pupuma’s career took a very far from turn from his Quantity Surveyor studies at UCT. He brews his Jwarha Lager at Stone Circle Brewery in Cape Town, but distributes it to most liquor stores and restaurants in the Mother City.

Share your failures! If you think you’ve got a F*Up of your own, contact Lizelle on “The lineup changes every month and I cannot wait to be inspired by the lessons these brave movers and shakers have bestowed on themselves on their way to success”, says Lizelle.

Tickets are R50 online and R60 at the door. They include one free beer or glass of wine as well as light snacks. Cash bar available. Please click here for Facebook event or here for the Community page. Should you be interested in finding out how FUN came to life and its current international footprint, visit