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January 9, 2019 StartupGuy0

For decades, entrepreneurs have been creating brands that we have all enjoyed.

But how does this happen? How do people come up with ideas that untimely consume our lives and take over the retail market? It’s pretty simple, they find solutions to problems. That is the key to entrepreneurial success. Let’s look at one of my favorite successful brands:

When Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak invented the Apple I computer, it started as a hobby. They eventually invented the Apple II which became the first personal computer with color graphics and a keyboard. They saw and problem, and then created a solution. That year, they had sales over 3 million dollars. Again, the key to the initial success of the Apple product was they solved a problem.

Most entrepreneurs are very creative people. Not only do they act differently, they think differently. They draw upon their personality traits to come up with ideas that can be either insane or genius, if not both. Even when their ideas are not an original thought, they tend to solve a problem.

Often times the problem was initially solved by someone else, and they improved upon it. The thing that most successful entrepreneurs have in common is they “JUST DO IT”. Just like the Nike slogan. There are so many people with great ideas, yet there are even more people that will give those people with great ideas, a reason that their idea will not work.

There will never be a shortage of people to discourage you from pursuing your dreams. You need to understand that most people don’t have the courage to start and stick with the ups and downs that come with being an entrepreneur or starting something of your own.

This is why there will always be employees and employers. So many people love the security of being able to show up and simply do a job. It rarely requires any planning, and usually requires the simple ability to follow basic instructions and do as you’re told.

Entrepreneurs sometimes learn as they go. Often times there are hard lessons of trial and error. You have to be determined and work hard. Most importantly, if you want to be a success, you can’t quit. It is for these reasons, that so many businesses do not make it.

Many people start a business and don’t have the financial or emotional support to keep it going during the difficult times. Most businesses will experience difficulties here and there. You can’t allow those times to discourage you. I love to look at the big picture.

The reason you started this business and birthed this baby. You saw a need and sought to fix a problem. The next step is to share your resolution with the world. In today’s world of social media. They have made sharing our business or product as easy as the click of a button.

This brings me to the next important point about being a successful entrepreneur. People have to know that you exist. What is the point of solving a problem that so many can benefit from if you are not able to share it with the people that need it most?

Marketing and advertising are so important to the business world that it is generally the largest business expense. Here are a few ways that you can market your business without having to pay a fortune. Embrace social media. There are so many social platforms out there that you can use to talk about who you are and what you are doing.

However, we can never forget about the value and importance of meeting people and talking about what you do and how you two can support each other. There are also the other ways to promote your business: television, radio, and print.

The key is to get your business in front of the world and show as many people as you can what it is that you do, or offer and how they benefit. The more people know about your product or services, the more sales you will have assumed that your product is good and that it does what you say it will do.

Now that you’ve got all of this, what can you do the maximize your opportunity for success? Always keep your big vision in sight. In business, things with inherently go wrong. Keeping the big vision insight will help you to stay on the right path despite the distractions and interruptions you may experience.

It may not be the course that you imagine, but the vision should always lead you back down the correct path. You will need the perseverance to keep moving forward. Sometimes things will get really challenging. You will need to commit yourself to move forward regardless of the discomfort and fear of failure.

Knowing that there will be more people that will encourage you to return to your 9 to 5 working for someone else than those that will encourage you to stay focused on your dream and keep working at it; you must learn to encourage and support yourself through your entrepreneurial endeavors.

Staying focused is going to be very difficult, but necessary. Entrepreneurs are always on. You are the brand, and whatever you are going through personally, you must keep the success of the brand in the forefront of your mind. One of the best ways to stay focused is to create a to-do list. I generally store my list in the notes section of my phone. This way it is always with me and I have the ability to keep it constantly updated.

You will find yourself bombarded with inbox messages and social media posts. You need to be mindful that not only will those constant notifications distract you, but somehow those notifications become others’ to-do list for you. if you aren’t careful, it can easily take priority over your own to do list.

On Sunday nights I plan out accomplishments I want to achieve during the week. Monday mornings, I prioritize what I plan to do during the days, and create time blocks for me to stay focused on those things. I also take the time to schedule breaks.

The mind can only be so great at extended periods of times. Breaks are a very important part of being able to rejuvenate your thoughts and to refocus.

"Being entrepreneur is a not a child’s play. You cannot sit and crib at the losses and bad experiences; you need to develop a thick skin that keeps you well on the track. Not only for your sanity, but to keep calm and those around you who are working with you to build your vision."


December 23, 2018 StartupGuy0


StartupGuy shares hardcore truth about being a startup entrepreneur

Life is tough as hell …. Life as an entrepreneur is even more tougher. Your only safety net is you. There is no health plan with 25 sick days, no paid vacation … nothing. It’s just you are working, working and working round the clock.

It’s up to you if you are going to make it!!
All you get is what you bring to the fight. And the fight gets better every single day. Every day you are learning a new business lesson – some good, some bad and some, very, very, ugly.

With a lot of youngsters moving towards becoming entrepreneurs, it had struck me to write a quick, informative article to those who are thinking about doing something on their own.

Remember, failure is a part of the journey
There is no success formula without falling; it is as simple as that. You are going to fail and guess what? It is good. Failure gives you direction. With failure, the universe is telling you to do something different. Without failure, how would you know what will succeed, or what your customers want? If you think that entrepreneurs have built their empire without failing, then you are wrong. Fail, learn, and gain the experience of not repeating the same mistakes. That is the winning formula to become successful.

Get a THICK skin
Being entrepreneur is a not a child’s play. You cannot sit and crib at the losses and bad experiences; you need to develop a thick skin that keeps you well on the track. Not only for your sanity, but to keep calm and those around you who are working with you to build your vision.

There should be NO room for negativity
We all know that it is impossible to not to feel down and negative. However, it takes a strong willed person to focus on the positives. If you fall into negativity, you are bound to make wrong decisions for your business. You need to surround yourself with positive people, and positive atmosphere is essential for the growth of good business. This practice really works and you will eventually see the difference.

Get into LISTENING practice
A successful entrepreneur is a good listener. Period!! In order to get your brand noticed and your customer to use your products and services, you need to know how to create value. The only way to gauge this is to learn from your customers. Ask the vendors/clients/customers about how they feel about your products and services. Get the feedback and listen to their requirements. Surely, there is a room for improvement and that is how you succeed in your business plan.

GET a Life
It is obvious that starting own business needs putting in 24 hours around the week. But you have a life beyond that. There is no denying the fact that you are hardworking, letting no stone not turned. But take out time for your family and friends. They are your support system when things go wrong, so make time for them. There will always be a hustle in your life, since you are putting brick by brick for your venture. Having a good support system is immensely important.

This is your game. Plan and play it well and you will see success.

April 24, 2018 StartupGuy0

The success of your business depends on many factors which must be juggles to keep good order and maintain your company’s growth and profitability. However, when you do identify an issue that needs your attention, it is important to find the cause and act quickly to stop it affecting the rest of the company.

Productivity variations is one area that can cause management concern, and trying to get understand the cause and resolve the problems is vital. Here are some tips to improving your company’s productivity.


Increase Leads

Sometimes, the cause isn’t in the company, but where the work is coming from. If you are starting to see leads dry up, you will have to find new ways to generate more business. You can do this in many ways: increasing advertising, reviewing your marketing strategy, and seeking feedback from your customers to develop relationships to retain their business.

If you have already got a fleet of cars from a reputable company such as Fourways Toyota, you can dispatch your sales team to generate more leads from customers. You can set up sales areas in shopping centres and supermarkets to get your brand in front of a wider audience.

Starting Employee Reward Schemes

If you are finding that the lack of productivity is in the company itself, then there are ways to improve the morale and speed of your workers. One of the best ways is to set up an employees’ reward scheme to reward the worker who is the most productive a gift or monetary prize at the end of each month.

It can greatly increase the productivity of the workers; however, you should monitor the process to make sure that the quality of the product is still high.

Manage Effectively

Speak to your managers and see how they are managing their team; poor management can be a key factor in the decline of morale and productivity. You want the employees to be managed effectively, without being micromanaged.

Putting too much pressure on your workers will have a negative effect on their output, so you will need to change how your managers do their job.

Invest in the Right Equipment

If your employees don’t have the correct tools to do their job, then the production can be affected. Take a look at the tools and software they are using and see if it can be improved or replaced.

By doing this, you can make the process faster and therefore increase the production rate of your workers. You need to ensure that any new equipment or software work effectively before it is used, or you might have more delays as they iron out any issues.

Having a happy and productive workforce is one of the best ways to keep your company moving in the right direction. With a little work and some investigation, you can quickly get to the bottom of the problem and take action to resolve it as soon as possible.

April 20, 2018 StartupGuy0

Buying products online has become second nature to us all. Gone are the days when we are restricted by opening hours, parking fees, congestion and having to be in crowded shopping centres. The online world of consuming has opened the world as a shopping marketplace, but with this newly discovered shopping landscape, new levels of frustrations and restrictions that were previously unheard of have been created. Here are 3 top online customer grievances, and the solutions you can provide for your business.

Online consumers

1. When will it be delivered?

With the digital age, people want things immediately, and at a time that suits them. You need to have a very clear message of when your customers can expect their goods to be delivered. It is essential that you use reliable courier companies to deliver your goods, and that you are in close contact with your suppliers so that you are up-to-date with their lead times. This is especially important around key calendar dates that may be relevant to your products such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day or even school holiday dates.

Solution: prominently display your last order cut-off date for guaranteed delivery for a certain date. Never make promises to customers that you can’t keep – honesty is the best policy.

2. Is the website safe and company genuine?

Online fraud and security breaches make big news. The data that companies can potentially mine from their customers is vast. You need to take every step you can to reassure your customers that you are legitimate. If your website is regularly crashing and unavailable to consumers, you will not be instilling the customers with a great deal of trust for your company. Your IT needs to support you in being able to deliver to your customers what you say you can, you may be a start-up or a young enterprise, but that does not mean that you can’t have the IT infrastructure of larger corporations.

Solution: clearly display on your website your company’s contact details for your customers to get in touch with you – a landline number is a great sign of authenticity!

3. What if the product isn’t what I wanted?

Consumers shy away from buying online if they feel that returning the goods is going to be a hassle. People inherently want an easy life, and returning goods, either because they are unsuitable, damaged or faulty, can feel like a mission. A solid returns policy will reassure concerned consumers that they can easily return goods to you, and at no cost to themselves. Obviously, some products such as intimate products or those sold as clearance cannot be returned, but as long as you have a very clear policy, consumers will be placated.

Solution: you must spend time clearly describing the products that you are selling. If you give a product description that accurately portrays the product (measurements, colours, best use for, etc.) and include images where appropriate, you will reduce the number of returns that occur.

April 20, 2018 StartupGuy0

When you read entrepreneurial success stories, the consensus seems to be that all you need to start a business is a laptop and an internet connection. While this may be true to some extent, ordinarily you need some capital behind you to turn your ideas into a profit-making reality.

The first port of call to access funds may be to friends and family, to see whether they can invest in your business. However, this option can be problematic, and you risk damaging the relationship if things don’t quite work as well as you had forecast. You could also try obtaining a bank loan, but if your credit history is a little chequered, you will not be granted this opportunity. So how can you pull together some funds for your fledgling business? Here are 3 unlikely ways to gain some money for your start-up.

Startup capital

1. Angel Investing

You will be familiar with the concept of Dragon’s Den; angel investing is a way of obtaining funds in exchange for a stake in your company. This may not be what you had envisaged when you first thought about starting your own company, but there some very attractive advantages to angel investing that you may not have considered. The investors bring with them industry expertise that they will share with you through mentoring, and they will have a network of contacts that will benefit your business.

2. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is an online method for gaining a collection of investors into your business. You will need to be able to explain your business idea in a captivating way that will appeal to potential financiers. You may feel that you don’t want your idea to be published in the public domain, especially if it is particularly innovative, but there are benefits to crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding provides a gauge as to how successful your business idea is before you have committed funds. If you have limited interest, you may want to review your business plan and the direction you were intending to go in. You will have numerous investors who will all be keen to promote your business’s products or services, and marketing wise, you have a ready-made fan base keen to help your venture succeed.

3. DIY

You may be scratching your head as to how you can fund your business yourself, but that reality is that you may just have to. You may have to sell the possessions you no longer want on OLX, Takealot or BidoBuy, or even sell your worn out vehicle to We Buy Cars, but to get your venture off the ground, it will be worth it.

When entrepreneurs start a business with little or limited funding, it is known as bootstrapping; this may be what you were hoping to avoid, but bootstrapping has its own merits. The skills that you will pick up and develop will stand you in very good stead for future successes. Every penny counts, and you will become a shrewd businessperson understanding the value behind every pound.

You have the idea, and you have the energy to pursue your business venture, but you must also develop your resilience. Being an entrepreneur is not an easy route, but with hard work and determination, you will make it a success. Good luck.


February 12, 2018 StartupGuy0

However, finance is one huge deterrent for the majority of the aspirant entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, you need not worry because not every model of business requires startup investment to be in millions.

There exist many business models that can be commenced with low investment, i.e. a seed capital of R10k or less in South Africa.

The aspiring entrepreneur can commence the business model with minimum infrastructure; the business can be started even from home.

Bootstrapping your capitalist period can turn out to be highly rewarding because your seed capital can come from your own savings or from your relatives and friends.

This will spare you the horror of getting a loan for business from the banks and other financial institutes, whose interest charges are skyrocketing.

It is essential to consider every idea that you can get in order to commence the business that will help you get a great return on investment. Below mentioned are the ideas that are guaranteed to work the best for you:

Online store

One of the common and highly observed businesses that one encounters on the virtual platform is the online stores like Amazon, OLX, Gumtree, Bidorbuy, Takealot, and many more and to be the part of them and start something that grows to be bigger than the mentioned sites will only require you to have a domain name, web hosting account and your undivided attention.

In the beginning it may seem like a lot of work but the benefits that site will witness in the long run will make all the efforts and contact worth the efforts put in and the devotion. The investment will be your knowledge and contacts with the sellers.

Social media assistance service

Social media in today’s time is the most important marketing campaign for both big as well small-scale enterprises. This business is an extension to another company’s social networks. In this business, all you will have to do is manage the social links and platforms of the business enterprises outsourcing their social networks to you to monitor the performance.

This business will provide you a direct line of communication with the current and prospective means of marketing as well as customers. The outsourcing business enterprises will appreciate your work and efforts if you come up with new and innovative means of boosting the image of the company on the social platforms.

HR & Recruiting service

It has been observed the business enterprises functioning on the small scale are not able to set up another department for HR and recruiting of the potential candidates.

The small scale businesses are also not able to afford to hire the recruitment firms; therefore, if you have the skill and the ability to track down the right and appropriate candidates for a certain job then you help bridge the gap between the efficient recruitment and the business companies.

The investment in this job is a good connection with the recruiting websites so as to view the curriculum vitae’s of the candidates and a cell phone or landline to easily contact the candidates.

Translation services

The advance in the globalization of both the big and small businesses has increased the demand for translation services. This business also is an amazing and effective tool in discarding the language barrier that complicates the working relationship between the companies and the clients.

Translation is one of the emerging industries in the business world and the person who knows any language that will come in handy for the business operations will never find him or herself without job opportunities.

All you need is the fluency in the language and the proficiency in English is a must to have a common tongue that explains any other language.

Boardroom facilities

This is one of the most interesting ideas in the small investment business startup. There is nothing more to investment than the money because if you have a spare room for which you have no room then that is all you need to start this chain of business.

There are many uses that the spare space can amount to like renting it to the different companies for board meetings, official parties, and presentations of formal kinds.

There are many firms who despite being successful require a formal setting to invite the business officials and have a communication without worrying about the small things as to who is serving the drinks or taking care of the laptops on the tables and much more.

Dietary consultation services

The trend in today’s time is being fit with proper diet and people are willing to pay a large sum of money for advice and dietary plans. The situation in America, i.e. of the huge weights of the people was described as a plague and no one wants to face that scenario in South Africa.

Therefore, the vital investment that you need in this line of work is educating yourself as a dietician whose plans and tips on eating and exercise will only be advantageous for the patients. This will be your source of contributing towards a better and healthy lifestyle of the population of South Africa.

Used car dealership

This business does not require any heavy capital investment which makes it the perfect business to start with the minimum investment. You only need to have a place or maybe not even that to get used cars from the dealers and sell them to the customers who seek second-hand cars or used cars to purchase and use. You are not really a mediator between the dealers and the customers. It is because the used cars are yours to sell and the customers only have to contact you without any permission from the dealers. The commission that you will get for selling the used cars for the dealers will be your extra income.

Mobile garage service

This type of business suits the engineers and the trained mechanics. It is not a fact and not at all true that a mechanic will magically appear whenever a car breaks down. That is where this business of mobile garage service comes into play.

You do not have to have a recreational vehicle or any type of truck to work function this service. A bike and assistant technicians with the right equipment of repair is all that you need to ensure that customers in need of car assistance or any motor vehicle assistance can get your help wherever and whenever possible.

Driving school

Driving has now turn into a necessity for every individual because you need the driving skills to commute to school, work or for travel purposes.

Driving is a lesson that everyone should learn at one point. The investment too in this service is not much because to teach the people the value of being able to close the distance between their starting point and the destination requires only a valid license from your side and the used cars which will help the candidates learn the skills.

These businesses are one of the most expanding businesses in the industry so if you think driving cannot make you any money then think again.

Hobby classes

Hobby classes are now a real deal in the business industry because everyone wants to take a break from the fast moving life and do something that they truly like. For instance, painting, singing, cooking, playing musical instruments, dancing, skating, and there is no end to this list.

The only thing that prevents people from actually implying action to their hobbies is the absence of the right platform and you with this business idea can help them find their space.

You just need a room or two or just a playground for that matter to encourage them to do what they really want.

Party planning services

The pressure of hosting a party is too much itself and the hosts are always in dire need of someone who can share the burden or take it all away from their hand. You just need to be creative and innovative in your approach to decorate the venue of the party.

Party planning includes everything from catering to setting the right stage for the guests to have fun. The party planning also can be wedding planning and you do not need much investment in the monetary terms but good contacts will be a requirement so as to get the work done as easily and soon as possible.

Childproofing services

You must have witnessed in many western series and movies the needs of the parents to childproof the apartments, well the concept though fresh in South Africa is not that weird to hear.

It is because the parents being the breadwinners of the family are getting busier day by day even hour by hour and are not always around to keep an eye on their little ones. Therefore, you can be the one to provide them assurance on the security of their children by childproofing the house or the apartment.

All you require are the skills of the mechanics and the products which will help you do the task effectively and efficiently.

Nanny services

This is not the first time that you will hear of the nanny services because there are many agencies already in existence, which provide the services of a person to take care of the children at home when their parents leave for work, trips or for date nights and parties.

Childproofing services are similar to the nanny services in the view of childproofing the children in the shape of an actual physical form. The people who are excellent with children are the actual investment that you need to run this business smoothly and fairly for a long period of time.

Sports coaching

Games are the part of everyday life and what turns them into something professional and concrete are the sports coaches who can convert games into sports.

The right sports equipment and the ground or the indoor space to practice the sport is the total investment that is expected in the commencement of the sports coaching business. People and mostly students are becoming immensely interested in the sports which are the backup that you need to know this business of sports coaching will never go obsolete or cold in any form.

Discipline and the rules of the sports should be your chief knowledge and skills.

Courier services

This one of the traditional business ideas for as long as can anyone remember, transmitting goods as well as letters from one place to another has been going since the ancient times.

Your courier person or the assistants monitoring the requests and orders of the clients need to be highly efficient and true to their job so that the couriered products reach the delivery address on time without any damage to the things in the package.

Your rates of courier services must be competitive and the service needs to be flawless because in a country like South Africa sending letters and gifts to one another via courier will never go out of style.

Carpooling services

It is due to pollution that the young generations are suffering from breathing problems and many skin diseases; you can put a stop to all of that by starting your very own carpool services which are similar to that of the facilities provided by cabs and taxis with one exception and that is instead of one person in the car there will be more who are going to the same or in the route destinations.

This service will be your contribution to making the cities of India clean and green which have been the mottos of every country in the world since forever.

Rainwater harvesting

This service is one of the most demanded services in the industry because the population can use every drop of water that it can get and harvesting the raindrops for re-use on the site is one of the best as well as the eco-friendly activity that one can do for the planet. Plus Capetonians will appreciate this.

The systems of the rainwater harvesting are very easy to install and does not require much investment. The skills of installation and the knowledge to recommend the proper systems to the clients is all you require as inner qualities and the business will flourish to new heights in no time.


If beautifying the people and tidying them up is all that you wish you could do all day then opening a salon is what you must reach for because there is hardly any major investment.

Your DIY ideas and products will impress the clients and they will choose you every time even when they have to get their nails shaped. Pedicure and manicure are the highly demanded services and the customers always appreciate a good massage and facials.

The testimonials from the customers will be your ladder to opening different stalls at various locations. You need basic products at the beginning which are not going to cost more than the couple of thousand bucks.

Writing services

One of the rapidly emerging businesses right now in the industry is that of blogging and content writing. There are always writers and reputed writing firm required by various websites and different companies who can draft articles, press release or content of any kind of high quality and legitimacy for them.

A computer or laptop or even a smartphone and a good internet connection are all you need to commence the business of writing for a living.

The remarks from the clients and their recommendations regarding your business to other website owners will be the sign of the progress and the key to the expansion of your business.

Coaching centers

What good is knowledge if you cannot impart it to others? Make a good difference and have a positive impact on the lives of many students who are struggling to cope with their academic pressures and requirements.

At first, you can start this coaching business at your own house and slowly make your way to getting an actual place for teaching the students.

Academic knowledge and tricks to score well in the examinations or tests are the real investment that you will have to make in this business startup. Your income along with money will be the achievements made by the students in their respective fields.

The mentioned business ideas have always worked for the people who do not shy away from turning their knowledge and passions into real business just because of the money.

The list is bound to alter the way you think about investments and businesses and will also push you forward to test your own idea that you want to make money out of because no idea is too small to make into an actual living good or service.

So, if it was money that was being the barrier in between your passion and dreams then it’s time to rethink your decisions and take a step towards doing something real.


February 10, 2018 StartupGuy0

1. Know Your Company and Your Product

Before you can begin, you must first know what business you want. What does your company stand for, what does it seek to achieve? You must know what your company’s goal is, what it’s vision is, and what you want to achieve. You must also know about your product – why should consumers purchase it? What value does it bring? Once you know this information, you will be able to start setting up your business.

2. Know the Industry

Before you can begin, you need to know the industry that you are going in to. Who are the big players? Who are your competition? What techniques and practices do the successful companies use that you should adopt? You can learn so much just be researching your competition, which is why it should be your first step after you have determined who and what your company is.

3. Know Where You’ll Get Funding

There will always be start-up costs to your business, which is why you must always consider where you will get the funding. If you have been working in the industry for years, you could have both the know-how and the savings to start your business yourself. If you don’t have the savings, however, you will instead have to look at loans or other options. Know where you will get funding before you start, otherwise you’ll have a hard time getting your business off the ground.

4. Set Yourself Up Online

A great way to gauge interest and increase awareness is to create free online profiles for your company before you launch. You can easily sell people the idea of your company and get presales, interested (and potentially loyal) customers, and in some cases even funding. Get your company out there before it launches so that you can drum up support, funding, and publicity before you even begin.

5. Have Contingency Plans

Know that some things will go wrong. In some cases, nothing will go right. Know the realistic setbacks that you could face and have contingency plans. Many businesses, for instance, should know about MySQL data repair services. You want to know how to fix problems before they even begin.

Being prepared and knowledgeable before you begin financing your business is a great way to be begin. Not only will you know how to succeed by studying your competition, you will also know how to market yourself better and will be able to succeed faster

February 9, 2018 StartupGuy0

The UNICEF Innovation Fund is looking to back early stage startups developing block chain based solutions with “the potential to benefit humanity”, offering up to US$90,000 in equity-free investment.

UNICEF has called for applications from startups developing software solutions on open block chains, and seeking seed finance of between US$50,000 and US$90,000.

Applicants must have a working, open source prototype – or be willing to make it open-source -, and showing promising results.  Areas of particular interest are smart contracts; analyzing data; tokens; and mining – although the opportunity is not limited to these.

“We are interested in companies that use distributed ledger tech in new, groundbreaking, ways that are scalable, and globally applicable,” UNICEF said.

Solutions must have the potential to positively impact the lives of children.

In addition to seed funding, UNICEF will provide technical assistance from the UNICEF Ventures team, which includes a dedicated blockchain lead and computer science team hosting and sharing data platforms.  Selected startups will also work with expert mentors, and be connected to UNICEF’s network in order to assist in scaling and maximising impact.

Applications are open here, until February 28.

This article was first published onDisrupt Africa

December 19, 2017 StartupGuy0

The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) in collaboration with the ZA Domain Names Authority (ZADNA) and ZA Central Registry (ZACR) now offers domain name registration for any registered company, close corporation or co-operative. This collaboration currently only offer domains with a plan to include other top level domains in the future. The domain name registration costs R51.30 which all goes to the regulator of domain names, ZADNA. Please note that CIPC cannot use any funds you might have available on your CIPC virtual account; you will need either a debit or credit card to register a domain.

Also, CIPC does not offer hosting, only domain name registration. Domains registered through this partnership will have to be transferred to an accredited registrar within a year (365 days) to avoid deregistration. A list of accredited registrars will be sent to you once you’ve registered a domain name.

All domain names registered through CIPC must be linked to existing companies, therefore you must have a registered company before you can start with this process.

“We welcome this type of collaboration between government entities so as to improve the processes of enabling entrepreneurship in the country.”,  said Sandile Shabangu, the CEO of Startup Mzansi Foundation NPC.

“We have specifically developed the StartupApp so as to assist entrepreneurs navigate the diverse world of entrepreneurship and start and grow their businesses with the best resources available.”

Also see: StartupApp – South Africa’s one-stop shop for startups