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Dr Sandile Shabangu


Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, Lives and works in Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.



+27 (0) 79 761 6308

Quick Bio

How it all started.

I was born to a security guard and a stay-at-home mother. We lived in Mpumalanga where I was convinced I was to be a pastor when I grew up. After a church spat shifted my dream, I found myself unemployable (actually, I never wanted to work for anyone and never did).

Chase dreams or die trying (well, sort of)

The early days were confusing. But after seeing this quote in an old book I stole from a library, I started my first business. “If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs.“ Since then I’ve launched over 15 startups. From a digital agency and an events company to a magazine and a training institute to an investment management firm and a media corporation.

From starting up to helping others start

In 2012, I decided to start helping people start their own businesses. I’ve shifted my mission from starting companies to teaching others to start theirs. To help people create the business and family they love. To chase their dreams and fulfill their purpose.


“I focus less on the ever-changing tactics of entrepreneurship, and more on the timeless lessons of startup leadership development. I believe the majority of the struggle in launching a startup stems from our personal immaturities, not our tactical incompetencies.”

My dream is to help a million people start their own businesses

Described as “a mind who understands the art of starting”, as StartupGuy I teach startups, entrepreneurs, and everyday dreamers how to form strong ideas, launch lucrative ventures, position their brand, love their people, and develop business models that offer freedom to their founders.

The journey continues...

As an entrepreneur and businessman, I have built Startup Mzansi Foundation as an apex organization delivering experience-centred entrepreneurship and innovation development programs in South Africa and he continues to contribute to the future of South African startups by helping them to start and stay started in business.

Building Africa's One-stop Shop For Startups

In 2016, upon realising the need for startup ecosystem coordination and integration, I started process of building the StartupApp, a mobile application aiming to connect entrepreneurs with all the tools they may need to start and stay started in business. The aim of this app is to become an important tool on every entrepreneur's toolkit by providing the necessary resources and community to build successful businesses and startups that are solving society's most pressing needs. The app is available for Android and iOS devices as well as on the web. More at