Collaboration platform for entrepreneurs and self-starters

Collaboration platform for entrepreneurs and self-starters

StartupApp, is a collaboration platform and workspaces for entrepreneurs and founders to use to support their business and share creative ideas, based in Johannesburg.

StartupApp, the “one-stop shop for startups, entrepreneurs & the self-start society” which was launched back in April 2016 has recently unveiled the collaboration element of the site, which will allow members to add projects and connect and collaborate together to help bring their ideas to life.

The primary objective of StartupApp is to inspire, support and motivate people across South Africa to fully realise their self start potential. As Sandile Shabangu, a Founder of the platform explained, they are looking to make a long term social impact:
“Many people have great creative ideas but are baffled by the bureaucracy, obstacles and even terminology which exists and which acts like a barrier, preventing them from going any further with their ideas. In a nutshell, the ethos behind StartupApp and the self start society is to remove those barriers and to provide a place where those creative ideas can take root and grow.

We are aiming to bring together all people with ideas – be they exploring their creative potential for the first time, or an experienced self starter or entrepreneur. Fundamentally, StartupApp is a place where self starters and great minds can come together, to collaborate on their big ideas and make them more of a reality.”

The StartupApp collaboration platform provides a unique dedicated space where projects and ideas can be worked on; where connections between self starters can be made and where all the tips, resources and tools needed are signposted. Users can create public and private workspaces, request to help others, and seek collaborators to help make their own ideas a reality. If help is only needed with certain aspects of a project or business, bespoke workspaces can be created which are specific to an individual’s own needs.

There is a train of thought that society is broken, that the economy will continue to drag its feet and that employment will be hard to find; however, with the launch of their collaboration platform, StartupApp believes they are helping potential self starters and entrepreneurs everywhere get that little bit closer to doing their own thing and making their ideas a reality.

At The Startup Magazine we believe that the collaboration platform and workspaces created by StartupApp is a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs and self starters to use. We aim to cover and show support to any hub and collaboration platform available for startups to work with and share creative ideas.  The Startup Magazine have covered several different workspaces around Southern Africa.

Finally we strongly encourage you to have a look at StartupApp platform, and maybe share your creative ideas, and collaborate with great minds.

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