Everyone can with Koocam!

Everyone can with Koocam!

We’re continuing with our interview series. The fourth week of every month we’ll feature an interview with a different startup founder(s) to give you all a peak into their lives, inspiration, and routines.

Today we’re featuring Koocam!

STARTUPGUY: Please introduce yourself and your startup Koocam to our readers!
There are 3 founders in the KOOCAM team:

Micheal Waknin (31 years old) CEO.

Yael Waknin (31 years old) CMO.

Arava Glam (32 years old) CREATIVE & PR.

We were all from Israel and we met in the framework of joint work, which led to friendship and partnership.

Each of us has a different employment background, management, customer retention, advertising, promotion, marketing, and financial.

We are a team composed of everything that a start-up requires, and that makes us a good team.
Our start-up:

KOOCAM is a global social marketplace of knowledge, providing equal opportunity for everyone to increase their income by selling their personal knowledge, skills, life experience, talent etc. in a live video chat, with a free registration.

SG: How did you get the idea to Koocam?

The idea came from the need we encountered at home, the family was looking for a way to enrich their knowledge in languages/ cooking / traveling tips and etc.

What was important to them is to receive that information from the ordinary person that possess that knowledge or skill.

So, we started to think what we would like to learn from people like us around the world and what others might be interested in learning to enrich their knowledge.

We noticed that many people do not realize the personal knowledge potential and do not know how valuable it is.

Some of them have mind barrier and thinking “What can I teach”, “I do not know anything”, “I’m not a professional”, “They know better than me”.

We are here to change this perception and give equal opportunities for everyone to make a decent living by spreading their knowledge to the world.
We also know for certain is that knowledge is the only thing that everyone has, so why not profit from it literally, thus helping them improve their financial standing and give them a place to share their knowledge.
We were surprised to discover that what motivates people is the urge and the need to share and to get acknowledged.

So, think that with all that they are getting paid for it – it’s the icing on the cake!
SG: Who is your target audience?

Our audience divides into two;

The first audience is anyone who wants a tailored information and wants to get it via personal video chat where he can talk and ask everything he needed about the subject.

The second audience is those who want to sell their personal knowledge and skill to increase their income or create some income.
People want to know everything; the human nature is curious and that’s why everyone has a place here at koocam.

Someone who speaks a language has a hobby or an interesting profession and those who want to enrich their knowledge.

Of course, every user can do both, he can always buy knowledge from someone or to sell his own knowledge and skill.
Our targeted audience is anyone who wants to increase income.

  • The unemployed
  • Those between jobs
  • A stay at home mom/dad
  • Those who don’t earn enough
  • Students
  • Pensioners
  • Digital nomad
  • Those who want and need to work from home
  • Anyone who has knowledge of any kind and when you come to think about it, it’s everyone.

The audience is also anyone who wants to get a tailored knowledge or information and wants to communicate with their teacher in a live chat.
We created virtual jobs opportunities to help each person to create an income by selling their knowledge and skill when they want and at the price they want.

everyone can share their knowledge and increase income immediately.

You determine the time of the lesson and you indicate the price you want – you are your own bosses!

SG: How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?

We are dealing with a market that is quite new and it’s difficult because we want to reach people that don’t know they have a valuable knowledge.

For example, someone that lives in NY and can give some local tour guide about places that maybe tourist don’t know.

Another example, someone from India will help someone to cook a special Indian food.

Our goal is to show everyone that it is possible to make a living from their personal knowledge!

At the moment, we have succeeded in reaching about 95 countries and we continue to try.

Curiosity is what motivates people to see if it is so simple, whether any knowledge really has interest and financial value, many were amazed to discover that this is indeed the case.

Even if you know how to make an omelet it considered a knowledge that can be sold.

Our goal is to spread the rumor that it is possible for everyone, that there is such a thing as an equal employment opportunity for all, that we all know something worth to others and that can be anything.

SG: What is the USP of your startup?

We believe that everyone has unique knowledge, built from experiences, abilities, creativity, relationships, opportunities, life experience.

And we know that anyone can sell the knowledge he has.

Koocam -enyone can

SG: Can you describe a typical workday of you?

We get to the office in the morning and the first thing is to do a half-hour meeting that we bring up ideas we thought about the night before
SG: Where do you see yourself and your startup Koocam in five years?

We hope that 5 years from now, koocam will lead the work from home and knowledge acquirement market.

What 3 tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way?

Do not give up.

Lots of creativity.

Listen to users.
SG: In conclusion:

We live in an age when everyone is looking to increase their income in almost every possible way.

And it’s not easy and possible for everyone because normally you need experience, education, to be professional etc.

We all agree that until now there hasn’t been a place that brings equal opportunity for everyone to make a living from our most basic thing, from something that comes naturally to us, from what we have accumulated over the years, from what we all have in common and in so many different ways, why not make a living from it?

It is important for us to clarify that we are talking about knowledge and skills – we mean everything you know

Hobbies, skills, tips, life experience, your language, recommendations, routine education and the list goes on…
Each of you has his own knowledge and you are an inspiration to someone else in the world !

So, have you already decided which knowledge you are going to sell?!
Koocam = everyone can

Learn more at www.koocam.com

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