Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

They are selfless lovers who give unconditional love to anyone willing to receive it without any limits. They submit willingly to the ones they love without being ordered to do so.

They sacrifice a lot for the better good of their family, loved ones and children – they sacrifice their dreams, life desires and time because they know that their sacrifices are better needed elsewhere and their sacrifices will be later appreciated.

They’re fighters – not physically but emotionally and mentally, anyone who messes with their families messes with them. They will smile at the world but make no mistake – they hold a dagger in their hearts for anyone who wants to fight with them.

But they’re also peacemakers – I mean they should be awarded the UN awards for peacemakers or the Nobel Peace Prize. They always have an answer for everything and know how to resolve household issues without being appointed a position.

They’re born hustlers and leaders, they stop at nothing in trying to provide for their families – even if they have no money but they never lack the resources or ideas of where to get it. They will even sell their souls to the devil if forced by circumstances to do so or find something to trade so that they can provide.

Let’s not forget that they are natural givers – no school can ever teach them the art of giving because it comes naturally. They give love, time, patience and wisdom naturally and they never complain about it, Oh! How selfless is that.

They’re great negotiators, if one ever needs someone to confer with the opposite party for a win-win solution then look no further.

Often their capabilities are undermined just because they’re born with a different gender that is classified by society as too soft, too emotional, easily forgiving and too gullible to lead but on the contrary without them – there wouldn’t be the great men and women leaders, business persons and builders we have now in the world. Even after these misconceptions, they never show weakness – they only show their strong sides but in the darkness – sadness befalls.

That’s why every men, women and child sings them praises – it’s because we need their nurturing, kind and loving touch and that’s why God made them a man’s second-in-command, not because they are second best but because they play important roles in every men and women’s lives and they manifest God’s endless love.

They are Mothers.

So to all mothers in SA, Africa and around the world.

Happy Mother’s Day


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