He will fail his business venture

He will fail his business venture

Issue 3 - He will fail his business ventureThis is the general perception of parents who discourage their children when they want to start their own businesses. This disheartening attitude, unfortunately, has become a learnt behavior. Demoralizing and dejecting the entrepreneurial spirit is the norm in our society.

The little children visualize and observe every single detail at school level. The power of imagination and creativity can be nurtured and developed at schools and junior institutions. But alas! In a country where early education is in a pitiful state overall, harnessing the creative skills of the students will be an arduous task.

The students in turn, don’t develop entrepreneurial mindset and any particular skill set in their early education. When they want to enter the world of entrepreneurship, they seek the help of trainings and workshops, as a compensation for their lack of skills and abilities.

If we are able to inculcate out of the box thinking at school level, we still have a chance to compete with the advanced nations. Otherwise, we would still be dependent on the western education and would continue praising their discoveries and inventions.

It’s time to think for South Africa to encourage its own originality, inventiveness and ingenuity.

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