Piehole.TV and Rubberstamp open Karoo’s first tech hub!

Piehole.TV and Rubberstamp open Karoo’s first tech hub!

The Karoo’s first tech hub has opened in Somerset East, Eastern Cape. It is being led by 2 international companies: Piehole.TV, creators of “kickass” online video, and software company Rubberstamp.io. A 100-person office has been created to serve as a home for entrepreneurs.

“We are turning the platteland into an exciting place to work”, says Priscilla Groves founder of Piehole.TV, “It’s making a huge difference in the community. For example, we have a guy who used to bag groceries at the local supermarket, now he’s a hot-shot digital marketer”.

The tech hub’s headquarters is surrounded by stunning views and features enough staff perks to make any San Francisco-based startup envious. These include a private cinema, table tennis and a basketball hoop to name a few.

“The growth of the online economy means that entrepreneurs can increasingly work from anywhere in the world.” Says James Kennedy, CEO of Rubberstamp.io The tech hub is built around the idea that you can grow your business somewhere amazing, free from the pollution and stress of the big cities, while making a difference in a poorer community.


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