Startup Ideas for 2018: Blogging business

Startup Ideas for 2018: Blogging business

Not new by any means, but entering the ‘blogosphere’ could still provide a start-up opportunity for those seeking additional income…

Blogging platforms have advanced in recent years and there’s now a multitude of free hosted-blog web services with user-friendly functionality so that now anyone with access to the internet and a laptop can become a publisher.

This opportunity isn’t just limited to starting a blogging site and there is inspiration to be taken from South Africa’s recent trend of blogging aggregators.

Blogging business opportunities

Blogs cover all sorts of verticals – from fashion, to finance, to food, there are many different routes you can take into the blogging industry.

A low-cost business model, a blogging business can be run from home and there are several revenue streams available in order to monetise your blog. Pay Per Click advertising and affiliate links are two of the most popular methods bloggers use to create steady revenue but there are other income-generating strategies you could implement.

To get started you need to buy hosting and a domain name, ideally one that explicitly says what your blog is about.

Choosing a platform to launch your blogging business is also of primary importance, the most widely used being WordPress, but there are many other similar platforms on the market so shop around to find the right one to suit your business needs. If you want to create a unique, customised blog you might want to look into a hiring a web developer to assist you.

To start a blogging business you will need to be committed to regularly publishing new content in order to attract visitors to your site and you should utilise social media networks to drum up traffic.

Sandile Shabangu, founder Startup Mzansi says:

“2018 will be a great year for blogging. A new wave of platforms have appeared to help rejuvenate the industry and it’s a great time to start a blogging business. While some markets seem to be a bit saturated (tech & music blogs largely), there is still room for growth in all areas, especially parenting, travel and even fashion.

“Thanks to the advent of platforms to connect bloggers and marketers, writers have the ability to generate early revenue partnering with brands. The only thing missing up to this point has been a better way to connect social media with blogging, or to make blogging more social. To me, this is pretty straightforward—and completely necessary.

“With StartupApp, we’ve created a platform that combines the best of both worlds, allowing people to blog and connect with each other in a really simple way. For business bloggers, this will mean increased exposure and an intimacy with their audience they won’t find anywhere else. I’m really excited to see how we continue developing as more and more businesses sign up and get creative with their Startup blogs.

“The way we blog is undergoing a transformation, a social transformation, and the time is now for entrepreneurs to use their blogs to forge closer relationships with their audiences.”

“The internet has changed many things; how we shop, how we socialise, how often we see funny pictures of cats, but importantly it has also given us access to a pretty limitless supply of information. Bloggers were among the first to respond to this trend, harnessing and sharing their passion for topics as diverse as cooking on a budget, gender equality, and 21st century crafts.

“If 2018 is the year you’ve decided to test your creative or entrepreneurial spirit, writing a blog might be a good place to start. And let’s face it, along with all the other benefits, blogging is also one of a very select group of activities that you get to do in your pyjamas.”


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