Startup Mzansi launches its startup publicity programme

Startup Mzansi launches its startup publicity programme

Together with  StartupApp, Startup Magazine has got some exciting new plans to provide startups with an affordable publicity and PR programme.

We know that it’s not always that easy to take an idea and turn it into something real – that, after all is why we (Startup Mzansi) created StartupApp – South Africa’s one-stop Shop for Startups in the first place.

 Since that initial creation, we’ve been growing StartupApp into a fab community of creatives, startups, self starters – all sorts of people doing their own thing.
 It’s a place filled with all the info, support and inspiration to help make starting, sustaining or growing a business as easy as possible.

Over the last couple of months StartupApp members having been sharing their startup news, telling their startup tales and submitting their startups, ideas and projects into our rather fab showcase and collaboration space.
Right now, if you’re a StartupApp member, you can:

  • Register for a free account and tell the StartupApp community and beyond what you’re up to
  • Be considered for our acclaimed monthly and yearly Self Starter Awards
  • Submit your startup / idea / project to our collaboration area and get support from fellow self starters, mentors and investors
  • Access a huge range of startup / business relevant discounts and deals
  • Access to expert PR consultations

As we grow we want to make sure that those StartupApp members who need an extra push or publicity can do that as quickly as possible and at a cost effective price.

 Getting good publicity and PR for your project / startup can be a costly affair, especially if you go direct to a Marketing / PR agency, whose typical clients are established businesses, with much deeper pockets.

 To level the playing field a tad we have devised a number of cost-effective publicity services for startups to make it both easier and more importantly, affordable to tell the world about your startup

Here’s a few of the things you can do:

  • Allow us to host a giveaway or competition on behalf of your startup that will give you a great opportunity to showcase your products or services
  • Have an in-depth feature on StartupApp and Startup Magazine where we interview you about your startup, its story and your business offerings or services
  • Add one of your own articles to the site on an area of your expertise, thereby giving you some valuable PR
  • Advertise your product or service in one of our 200×200 sidebar advertising spaces
  • Use our growing social media audience to promote your business directly over a 4 week period

So who is this for? 
Admittedly some StartupApp members may have outgrown this level of publicity – they may already be heavily trading and ‘bringing in the bacon so to speak’, so this is aimed at those startups who don’t have a massive budget and are perhaps still in the early stages of their startup journey. Of course all startups are considered on their own merit!

If you’re interested in using this service, simply email our PR guru Bassie: and she’ll be happy to chat about which options best suit, and any other creative ideas that can be developed.

And fear not, if you’re a more established business / brand, check out our ‘Work with Us’ page for more info on how to do just that.

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