StartupFM is launching soon – subscribe now!

StartupFM is launching soon – subscribe now!

Hi folks,

We have a mission: To meet the most interesting, motivated and influential people involved in the startup scene. To extract the valuable experience and insights from their brains, and turn it into something useful.

There are several ways we could go about achieving this, but we want to do it in a way that’s gives some value to YOU, and that also involves some fun along the way… Et voila – StartupFM is born!

Here’s how this works: We will be bringing you a bi-weekly show packed with insights, debate, discussion, product recommendations and a lot more, from the hottest thinkers and do-ers the scene has to offer. We have a list the length of Karl Marx Allee full of companies, people, and products we’ll involve in this.

We’re super excited to get these shows into your hands as soon as possible! In the mean time, make sure you get them when they’re hot off the press. Join our mailing list and receive each episode as it’s ready.

Stay tuned for episode one 😉


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