Top 100 South African Startups Index

Top 100 South African Startups Index

If you’ve started a business in the past three years, you’re part of a true revolution in this country. Over this period, we’ve seen an explosive growth in startups, and these new entrepreneurs are rather different from what has gone before.

Our research shows they are drawn from a greater diversity of backgrounds than ever before. They also tend to found businesses that defy neat categorisation. Truly the inspired, they are devising new models of living and working for themselves — and for their customers.

We’re seeing a deep change in South African business culture as a result, and it’s proving highly disruptive (and refreshing) for companies like ours too. Identifying the brightest and most innovative businesses in their early infancy defines the business landscape of the future – and we want to be part of that.

The stage is set, so enter your inspirational small business (any time between 8 May and 24 July 2017). We’re ready to be inspired!”

PS: please check back for application forms.

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