Top tips on creating a stand out brand

Top tips on creating a stand out brand

StartupGuy knows a thing or two about creating a stand-out brand!

Here are my top tips on creating a stand out brand….

Speak to a niche audience. This doesn’t mean you’ll only sell to the niche, but it does mean you have a defined message.

Tell your audience explicitly what your brand stands for. Subtle can just be confusing.

A brand is more than a logo and a font. A brand is what your customers (or potential customers) believe you to be.

No brand exists in a vacuum. Keep an eye on what people are saying about you, as well as what your competition are doing.

Dare to be a little different. A brand means you are recognisable from your competition.


Only promise what you can deliver, each and every time. A brand must be consistent, for every single customer.

Understand your customer base. What influences how they spend their money? Where do you find them?

There has never been so much choice, so your brand is often the deciding factor as to why a customer would choose you. Why should they chose you?


Brands are at their strongest when they are authentic and true.
Research branding that you admire. Learning from the best is just common sense!

A brand doesn’t need to be static, it can change and develop over time. Remain flexible and fluid.

Never ignore feedback. Sometimes we think our brand stands for something, but no one else gets it! A brand is only what people understand of it.

Don’t be scared of standing for something. If you don’t actually have a point of view, or message, you’ll just appear bland and forgettable.

3 Actionable Tasks for Homework (have no fear, I won’t be checking up on you!):

Describe your ideal customer. Where do they shop, what do they do in their spare time, how much do they earn, what music do they listen to? Give them a name, and make sure your brand messaging speaks to them.If you had to describe your brand’s personality in 5 words what would they be? Does everything you do and say help to reinforce these traits? Why should your customer chose you over your competition? Does your brand messaging explicitly tell them why?”

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