Wanted: Content Contributors for StartupApp and Startup Magazine

Wanted: Content Contributors for StartupApp and Startup Magazine

Startup Magazine and StarupApp – a one-stop shop for Startups, Entrepreneurs and Self-Starters has always been about YOU.

We are after all a collective group of startups and self starters doing our own thing, facing up to startup and business barriers and challenges, captaining our own ships, shaping our own futures and making a damn good go at starting, sustaining and scaling our big (and small!) business empires.

With all this experience, success, failure, blood, sweat…and tears comes a wealth of knowledge and understanding – knowledge and understanding that only comes from starting, sustaining and scaling our own business ventures.

And this is where you come in!
Do you love writing and sharing your top tips, advice, and experience, but just don’t have the time to sustain a blog or website where you can do just that? Or would you simply like to pass on the value of your wisdom and experience to other entrepreneurs?

We are now doing a direct call to action for you to get involved in StartupApp and Startup Magazine – by writing some content, sharing your advice or tips, and passing it on to the rest of the Startup, Entrepreneur and Self Starter community on Startup Magazine & App itself.

We are keen to get startup and business themed contributions on subjects such as:
• Coming up with that Big Idea, Business Planning and Developing your Revenue Model
• How best to do Business Development, How to Create Brand Awareness, How to Create a Sales Pipeline
• Creating Business Structure
• Business Practicals – The Legals, The Finance, Intellectual Property, TradeMarks, Recruitment, and so forth…
• Growth Hacking, Growth Hacking Tools
• Observations and Advice on Starting a business in the town or city where you live
• Expert Advice on Creating a brand, Designing a Logo, Building a Website
• Specialist knowledge and observations on growing Startup sectors such as FinTech, MadTech, EdTech, MedTech, GovTech – you get the jist!
• And anything else you think that our audience of Startups, Entrepreneurs and Self Starters should know and care about!

So if you’d like to write a post for StartupApp and Startup Magazine – here are all the the rules ‘n things…
• You’ll have to be part of the Startup Magazine community – if you’re not one already, simply click here to join for free
• All articles / pieces of content must be original i.e. not published anywhere else
• Articles should be ideally be between 500 – 1000 words max
• Right now, we can’t unfortunately offer any financial remuneration for your work, but we can offer you a platform to showcase your experience, knowledge and even highlight your own business happenings, Venture or Startup (without being too self promotional of course).
• We will retain editorial control and reserve the right to decide what we publish
• We won’t edit your content, but will advise (nicely of course) if we think any changes are needed
• This is not an opportunity for brands to pitch their products / services to our community. If you want to work with us and the Startup Magazine community in that regard we offer plenty of other options. You can learn about them here.

If this sounds like something you’d like to get involved with, then simply email Amanda to hello@startupmagazine.co.za detailing your member profile details, and what type of knowledge or expertise you would like to share.

We’re all ears – we can’t wait to hear and read what you good folk have to say. Of course you can also take a look over some of the current tips and insight posts we have on Startup Magazine and StartupApp too for a little inspiration too.

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