How to promote your startup on Facebook

How to promote your startup on Facebook

Facebook is a social networking tool that allows registered users to share their day-to-day life with friends with whom they are connected with. These include sharing of photos, statuses, locations and videos. It also allows the creation of features such as pages, events, and groups that help in the advancement of the popularity of mentioned ideas. These things help us in Promote Business on Facebook.

Facebook, also allows people to give their comments on different things. There is a lot of privacy attached to it depending on user’s decision. One can decide to be visible, block certain communication or privatize their activities.

In the corporate world, Facebook is shaping the image of businesses in many ways as it allows more visibility and thus increases followers and patrons of the different business, thus giving them a chance to grow. Below are the steps on How to promote your startup on Facebook.

How to promote your startup on Facebook

Step-1: Recognized picture profile

Profile pictures on Facebook mark the virtual identity of any business and act as a thumbnail for all the posts done by that page, hence, it should be chosen wisely. People will be sceptical
to trust a profile without a display picture so it is advisable to always have a relevant picture that is recognized as the brand image. This will reduce suspicion about the authenticity of the
page as well as allow people to approach the users for socializing with any hesitancy. It enhances credibility and increases chances of reputation growth among the audience. Seeing a known picture ignites interest in customers about the business content and shows professionalism.


Quality cover photo

Cover photos should be large enough for visibility and blend in with the profile picture. Creativity should be employed in choosing a cover photo that speaks of the brand without any
words. The quality of the cover photo brings exposure and reduces the cost of marketing. It builds loyalty for the brand and increases web traffic thus promoting the brand.


Brief about the company

The about section on any page has a brief for the company. This brief must be written in such a way that it describes the potential of the company to readers. It should answer the question about what you do and what customers will get.


Include apps

Making Apps in business bring convenience. Put in apps in the company page that fulfil the requirements and functionality of the business. Apps can be useful in creating reminders, updates, feedback and also reduce costs to the business.


Visual marketing

Visual marketing allows companies to actually show their products instead of explaining it and hoping that customers will understand. Images always attract the attention of the audience as they are friendly and boost the brand ideology by eliminating language barriers. In visual representation, the picture itself has a meaning and people can translate it easily.


Measure people’s engagement

Facebook allows likes and dislikes. In this way, customers can show consent or disagree with any developments that the company plans to take. Thus, people feel engaged and believe that their inputs shape the future of the company.


Monitor comments regularity

Insights given can be used to improve services hence customer satisfaction is determined because listening to customers is the only way to find out if they are ready to buy the product
or not.

Benefits of promoting your startup business on Facebook

Business exposure

Facebook has a huge number of followers; therefore, any information that is posted reaches a massive audience. Thus businesses are recognized on a gigantic platform and expansion is guaranteed and so is the increase in demand for the product or services.

Reduced marketing expenses

It is cost effective. Opening a Facebook page does not cost anything unless advertisement posts are needed to enhance page likes. But advert costs are minimal and thus marketing expenses are reduced.

Target the right audience

When posting any business in a Facebook, one should be aware that not everyone will like it or hook up with the page. However, due to the huge number of patrons on Facebook, business owners can rest assured that the information will reach a good amount of the targeted audience.

Understand competitors

With Facebook, a lot of competitors can also follow business processes. Thus a strategic marketing is required to determine the visibility of the business. Healthy competition allows people to produce quality products for customer satisfaction.

Make use of the feedbacks

In the process of Facebook interaction, business owners tend to get a lot of insights. Feedback in a business is a way of listening effectively, boosting motivation and increasing performance. It is a learning experience.

Enhanced business branding

Business branding brings visibility and customer loyalty. Entertaining information makes clients stay in touch. Customers offer great support to the sites that are encouraging and thus boost morale.

Follow above steps to promote your Business on Facebook.

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